Wills and Trusts

We offer a complete Will writing service providing advice on gifts, executors, guardians, property beneficiaries and the exclusion of family members. We can advise on the different type of trusts that can be established to cover immature and disabled beneficiaries. Our fees will include the advice given, the drafting, signing and witnessing of the Wills and storage. We can also provide estate planning advice allowing you to plan your estate during your lifetime and to limit the liability to Inheritance Tax on your death.

We will prepare a Will which will give you piece of mind and maximize any tax allowances. Anyone can buy a Will from a local shop and draft it on his or her own but there are a number of reasons why this may not be ideal. The main problem with homemade Wills is that one mistake or omission, no matter how small, may invalidate the whole Will. The intention of your Will may be very simple but the legal formalities and language required are complicated and must be strictly followed. Many words and terms have specific meanings in laws which are different to their everyday use. There are also issues with “free Will” providers such as lack of indemnity insurance, uncertainty about the qualification of the drafter and concerns about the viability of Free Will Businesses. Here at King Davies and Partners, your Will will be drafted by a qualified Solicitor and indeed the qualified Solicitor to whom you gave the instructions face to face.

If you would like to discuss making a Will with us or would like to make an appointment then please Contact us